Veneers Vs Crowns

Veneers have long been used to create what people think of as a Hollywood smile. It was developed for actors initially, and as the technology developed to offer more permanent solutions the applications became more widespread.

Veneers are used to restore a tooth that has suffered a fracture or has become discolored. They are very effective as a solution for malposition or crooked teeth and they can lengthen teeth shortened by wear. They are often used to fill black triangles between teeth caused by gum recession, and they are a great option for aging patients with worn dentition or yellow teeth that won’t whiten.

Veneers Are  A Great Way To Handle Issues With Your Teeth, Call Us Today!

There is often minimal to no preparation with porcelain veneers, and the look of the teeth is very natural, with the coloring of the veneer selected to look like your existing teeth. The aim is to give you great looking teeth but with an appearance that doesn’t make it immediately obvious that you have veneers. People who are perhaps already self-conscious about their smile want a natural look and that is what we give them.

For anyone that is interested in veneers and wants to know if it is a dental solution that might help them, you can call with any questions, or to book an appointment. At Clearwater Family Dental we make sure that you get the dental procedure that is right for you!