Lawrence Gough 11-19-2021

“My name is Larry Gough and I am 62 years old.

Well it all started with, I’ve had Pericarditis since heart surgery two years ago and it was recommended that I get a root canal looked at and see if I had any cavitations that could potentially be affecting the area of the heart.

So I had a CBCT Scan which revealed that I did in fact have an infected root canal and two cavitations and those were removed just three days ago and already I am feeling some improvement.

The oral surgery went great, I don’t really feel anything after it , a little mouth soreness but outside of that I woke up this morning and really wasn’t feeling my heart inflammation like I have been, so I am pretty excited about the future and what it holds! Go Dr. Paul!

I am very happy yeah, you know , I am very happy for the future and what it holds and getting past it, I’ve been stuck here for about two years with this Pericarditis and anxious to get past it and again I think this is one of the big steps!”

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