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Post Treatment – Dental Care Tips

More Dental Care Tips – Specific Post Treatment Procedures

LANAP Patients

Please access the following documents for complete post surgery care and diet.

LANAP Post Surgery Care Forms

Bondings or Fillings

It may take time to adjust to your new bite. After a few days if you continue to feel “high spots” please contact our office. It is normal to experience some initial sensitivity to cold, hot or biting pressure. Your gums may be irritated as well. If you continue to experience discomfort after several days contact the office. Maintain a regular dental hygiene regimen.

Root Canal Therapy

It is normal to experience some mild discomfort for several days following root canal therapy. If antibiotics were prescribed be sure to finish the prescription in its entirety even if the symptoms have ceased. If you have a temporary, avoid sticky or chewy foods that may cause your temporary to come loose.

Crown and Bridge

Temporary crowns are placed while your permanent crowns are being made. Occasionally, temporary crowns may come off, if this is the case please call our office to arrange for us to re-cement your temporary. Some sensitivity to hot and cold is normal. To help keep your temporary in place avoid sticky or chewy foods. If your temporary does become loose and you are unable to see the dentist for more than 24 hours- please place toothpaste in the temporary and put it back on the tooth. Temporaries must stay on the prepared tooth or the tooth may shift and the permanent crown may not fit.