Solea® Laser Technology

solea laser technology

At Clearwater Family Dental, we’re constantly striving to make our practice the best experience possible for our patients of all ages. Most of us have a reluctance to go to the dentist. Well, we’ve got good news on that front! We’re happy to announce the addition of the Solea® Laser Technology to our practice.

Solea® is the latest, next generation laser technology in dentistry — it’s fast, precise, virtually noiseless and anesthesia free for the vast majority of procedures. We know our patients will love the difference in their dental experience at our office. Our Dentists love the improved efficiency and the reduced necessity in using drugs to numb patients.

Solea® Laser Technology will allow us to perform procedures on hard and soft tissue with no anesthesia. Many of soft tissue procedures can be done with virtually no bleeding. Having the tools to provide you with blood-free and anesthesia-free procedures represents a major leap forward in dentistry. Our patients benefit by being able to receive care in a fraction of the time and the discomfort they were accustomed to from traditional drills is minimized.

Solea® Laser Technology is changing what it means to come to Clearwater Family Dental by providing you, our patients, with a higher level of care that delivers fast, virtually painless, noiseless, anesthesia-free procedures. We want to help alleviate patients’ fears and encourage them to receive proper oral care to stay healthy and happy.

solea laser technology

What is the Solea® Laser Technology?

Solea® is the first CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser system approved by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue. While traditional dental lasers are limited to soft tissue and cannot target enamel, the Solea® laser technology uses rapid pulses of infrared light that can be safely applied to both hard and soft tissue. This advanced tool can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from removing bacteria and infected tissue in periodontal pockets to filling cavities and replacing restorations.

Safe and effective for both hard and soft tissue, this advanced dental technology has opened the door to new era of patient care at Clearwater Family Dental. By integrating this advanced technology into both routine and complex procedures, your Clearwater Family Dentist, Dr. Paul Rodeghero, is able to provide you with the best care possible and lasting health results.

What are the Benefits of Using the Solea® Laser Technology?

There are a number of advantages associated with the Solea® Laser Technology including:

  • Convenience: Traditional treatments can require multiple appointments in order to completely address complex dental issues, such as periodontal disease treatment or root canal therapy. By integrating this state-of-the-art instrument into certain procedures, our Clearwater, FL dentist is able to shorten treatment time, limiting the number of required appointments.
  • Comfort: Since treatment with a dental laser is non-invasive and emits no sound or vibrations, patients are often able to undergo Solea® laser dental treatments without sedation or anesthesia.  By eliminating the discomfort typically associated with dental drills as well as the numbness that comes with local anesthesia and not injecting saves a lot of time for you and them. Solea® is ideal for patients of all ages – especially children.
  • Virtually Eliminates the Need for Anesthetics: The Solea® laser has a numbing effect that eliminates the need for dental anesthetics or sedation dentistry. The majority of patients who have been treated with the Solea® laser have not undergone anesthesia and have reported no pain resulting from their dental procedures. A dental laser that reduces the need for anesthetics can help more people experience less numbness and feeling like they have a fat lip.
  • Procedures are Less Invasive and More Precise: 
The Solea® laser seals your blood vessels and nerve endings as it works, meaning that the recovery process is basically instantaneous, causing no bleeding and requiring no stitches. This means that your healing time is significantly reduced, and you are less susceptible to infection. Additionally, the fact that the laser is silent and vibration-free can help patients feel calmer and more at ease at the dentist. The laser also cuts tissue more precisely and cleanly than any other dental laser in use.
  • You Spend Less Time at the Dentist Office: 
With the Solea® laser, Dr. Paul Rodeghero is able to complete procedures in much less time than using traditional dentistry methods. The laser is so precise and easy to operate that he may be able to do multiple procedures in one visit! He can utilize Solea® for a number of treatments, including soft tissue biopsies, gum contouring, filling cavities, restoration placement and a number of other procedures. This will save you the time and stress of having to make multiple visits to the dentist office.
  • Healing Time: When used on soft tissue, this dental laser cauterizes the treatment site, thereby stimulating accelerated recovery while reducing the risk of post-treatment infection and discomfort. Additionally, the precision and speed of our dental laser ensures that only targeted areas are affected, eliminating the risk of damage to surrounding tissue.

We’re excited about the benefits the Solea® dental lasers can provide our patients. We are better able to address dental problems without the discomfort, extensive treatment time or anesthesia required by traditional treatment methods. We are now using the Solea® Laser Technology in a number of procedures, allowing patients to enjoy lasting, improved overall oral health.

To learn more about being treated with Solea® laser dentistry or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Clearwater, FL dentist Dr. Paul Rodeghero at 727.442.3363 or request a consultation online.

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