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Dr. Paul Rodeghero is proud to offer the safe removal of Amalgam Fillings.

safe mercury removalSome questions to ask when looking for a mercury free-mercury safe dentist:

Is your office mercury-free?

Yes, this means we do not place NEW mercury amalgams.

Is your office mercury safe? Where did you get your training in protocol of safe mercury removal?

We are mercury safe because we follow the protocol of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) where the doctor was trained.

What precautions do you use when removing mercury amalgam fillings?

We use a rubber dam, high speed suction, quarter the amalgam in large pieces, mouth rinse, additionally we use a mercury vapor collector and nose pieces with breathing air.

Do you provide compatibility testing of materials that may be used in my mouth?

We recommend patients who are intolerant of many elements to have a Clifford test, which outlines what the patient’s body can tolerate without experiencing a reaction. Many of our patients also consult their primary care physicians who often do blood testing or muscle testing.

Can the office be latex-free for those that require it?

Many people have allergic reactions to latex gloves and cleaning cups, we are completely latex free.

Do you do or recommend root canal therapy?

It is now known that root canals (dead teeth) can be extremely burdensome on the immune system. It is difficult to completely sterilize a dead tooth or prevent the bacterial growth in the dentinal tubules. When a patient, after becoming educated, still decides to do a root canal we use ozone and a laser to help eliminate remaining bacteria in the root and tubules.

Does the office use fluoride?

We do not routinely use fluoride.

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For further research on biocompatible dentistry visit this link: International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT)


Safe Mercury Removal Is Important For Your Continued Health, Call Now!

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