Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-Oral Camera

intra-oral cameraThe intra-oral camera broadcasts images for both the patient and doctor to see. Instantaneously color images of your teeth are sent to a computer screen so that both the patient and doctor can review your oral health together. This wonderful new technology allows you to relax in your chair while simultaneously observing a real-time movie of the inside of your mouth magnified beyond normal size on an adjacent computer monitor. Not only does this make it simple to see and understand what is happening in your mouth, but it makes it simple for us to keep incredibly accurate records from one visit to the next.

The intra-oral camera not only increases the dentist-patient communication, but also aids in insurance claim reimbursement, by including color images along with traditional radiographs.

We do everything we can to make sure that our patients are as educated as possible about what is happening with their oral health, so that they can gain better control over it, and better understand what we are doing for them.


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