Mona Lim 8-18-2021

“Hi I’m Mona Lim, I’m 57 years old. Wow I’ve been chronically ill I think since I was about 19 no joke! I didn’t realize that I was but I just kept having these crashes in my life where I would just get so exhausted I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed or I would sleep 17 hours a day or something and this just kept happening throughout my entire adult life.

I found really interesting ways to work around it I guess but as I got older it just kept getting worse and when I would have these crashes it would just take me so much longer to recover so eventually, I had almost given up and just thought okay my best days were behind me.

Then I met with a Doctor who said basically that 98% of his patients had issues with their teeth with root canal specifically; and I was like oh my gosh ! So he sent me to Dr. Paul and I had my CT done and I had the extractions done.

I have to say that it’s been life-changing for me, I got my root canals in 2010 which means I mean obviously I had some other things going on besides this but this was definitely one of those straws that broke the camel’s back; anyway since I’ve had my teeth removed it’s actually so weird because I haven’t felt, my body actually feels happy, you know like I can feel like, I know this sounds silly but if my body were a dog its tail would be wagging because it just feels amazing! It was almost like I didn’t know what was happening like, why do I feel like this ? you know?

All I can say is I highly recommend doing this especially if you’re one of those people that has like a chronic fatigue situation or a chronic illness or no one knows what’s wrong with you, but you know you feel terrible and no one seems to have the answers, I highly recommend you look into your dental health because that seems to be super key in you know basically sending people over the edge in terms of like toxins and things our body can’t handle.”

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