Hi, I am Riggs Eckelberry am I am 69 yrs old.

A referring Doctor found that I had high levels of blood infection that probably was due to a long term low grade bacteria and due to my history of having a root canal he recommended I get a 3DXray which I got at Paul Rodeghero’s practice.

Base on that, there was problem with the root canal that was infected there was also what is called cavitations which is sacks that have bacteria, that was subsequently pulled out and drained and filled in by the doctor.

So the referring Doctor did a new Darkfield examination of the blood cells (A Darkfield Microscopy is a blood test in which you take a drop of blood and look at it immediately using a special form of lighting that allows you to see living cells) and the red blood cells were all perfectly round which showed there was no infection anymore so the procedure basically remedied a long term infection that had all kinds of body stresses that had occurred over 20 years that were eliminated as a result of this.

I think that Clearwater Family Dental is really at the forefront of handling something which the dental professional really needs to come to grips with which is infections of root canals and cavitations and I am really happy that Paul Rodeghero took care of me.

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