Donna Seaman 6-13-2020

“My name is Donna Seaman and I came in and had Dr. Paul take out two previous root canals and then there was a pocket underneath where I had wisdom teeth taken out back when I was 18 years old, there was a pocket underneath one of those and so Dr. Paul took out the two root canals and then took out all the bacteria that was in the pocket behind my root canals where my wisdom teeth previously were.

I have gotten a HUGE amount of relief in so many different ways, it wasn’t hurting me but I had been complaining of being extremely tired for the last at least five or six years and had been trying all kinds of natural supplements and things and nothing was working so I went to The Life Wellness Center and Dr. Minkoff is the one that suggested it was this pocket in the back so once that was all cleared up my energy is back a 100%,  all of my joints stopped aching and I honestly feel like I kind of came out of like a fog, I can’t even explain it,  it’s just the weirdest thing but it’s extremely cool and has done a world of good for me so I am really excited about it!”

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