Lilian Sonne 8-9-2021

“ I am Lilian Sonne, 61 years old this year, yay!

So physical symptoms I’ve been carrying with me for almost 35 years and just came to a cascade of Auto-immune issues and a lot of fatigue, brain fog, I was disabled basically ! I had to stop working I was sleeping 15 hours a day a night and then two hour naps every day.

So, in the past it was traditional medicine, symptom management but no cause management and then that’s what led me to finding out more about something has got to be done or else I’m totally disabled.

So, I was referred here , wonderfully so,  I’m so grateful! Started out with the CBT scan of the of my jaw and teeth, because there was

concern that I may very well have some root canals infected and cavitations.

The difference between having my root canal teeth extracted and treated with the ozone care and all that’s done here and then with the treatments at another facility also in combination of massive care for treating the cause.

Oh my goodness, you’re going to make me cry! I have my life back, I am going to start looking for work again, I’ve been out since November it’s now August and I sleep 8-9 hours and back to normal, brain fog is gone, I can rapidly respond rather than trying to find words and memories are much better! So I’m not disabled anymore, huge HUGE difference!!”

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