Get A Bottle Opener Not A Root Canal

Popping the cap off bottles with your teeth is a great party trick until you crack a tooth goes and it needs a root canal. It’s easy to damage teeth or neglect them, and sometimes the repair work that needs to be done is a little more involved.

You Need A Root Canal, Call Today For Your Appointment!

Moving from having bad oral hygiene and health is going to usually involve some kind of change in your life. Sometimes the change required is going to be using a bottle opener rather than your teeth, and sometimes it will involve more flossing and regular cleanings.
Once you have been in to see us we will assess your teeth and we will have a better idea of what specific treatment plan you need. We want to make sure that you get the best possible dental care, and every step of the way you will understand why each procedure is necessary.

Call us today and set an appointment. Come in and meet our team, and take a step towards a better state of oral health. Clearwater Family Dental has had a lot of success with root canals and many other procedures. We look forward to being able to help you improve you oral health and your life.