Dr. Tadeousz 8-19-2021

“My name is Dr. Tadeousz and my age is 64. I had a stroke over 5 years ago and also have a congested heart failure, high blood pressure and swelling in my in my legs and calves.

I completed last week on Thursday when I came here to extract the tooth on the left side.

Well you know, I kind of felt immediate relief from this and within 3 days I lost about 8 lbs. of weight,  most of this was water and my blood pressure went down, I slept better and most of all the swelling in my calves, ankles and feet got much better also, which I’ve been working on this for a long time and it was always a problem with this even though I exercise twice a day you know I take care of myself, eat very well but the swelling was very stubborn!

But after extraction, it was very obvious to me it kind of went away completely! I’ve never seen such a quick improvement in my body as after just removing this tooth!”

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