Your Periodontist And Your Gums

Your periodontist is there to help you arrest the progress of the gum disease. We will educate you in the proper care that is needed to promote healthy gums, which is important not only for your oral health but your health in general.

What does a healthy gum look like? It should be coral pink. It should have a smooth curved or scalloped appearance around each tooth. It should fill and fit the space between your teeth. They should have a firm texture which is resistant to movement. They shouldn’t bleed or react to brushing or periodontal probing.

Your Periodontist Is Vital To Your Oral And Overall Health, Call Now!

According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly half of adult Americans suffer from gum disease, which means there are 64.7 million adults 30 years or over walking around with oral health problems. The problem is more prevalent in men than women, and more common in Mexican Americans than other groups.

This is not a small problem, the CDC suggest that a program to put in regular and comprehensive periodontal evaluations for everyone as needed. We provide such an evaluation.

If you have issues with your gums you should call us and make an appointment with your periodontist today.