Veneers Will Fix Your Smile

Are you a good candidate for veneers? If you come in to see our excellent dentists we can let you know.

Veneers are mainly used to treat discoloration, and crooked or misshapen teeth, but they do work better if you actually have fairly sound teeth.

The coloring of the veneers is selected so that it will look natural, and will provide you with the smile you have always wanted. We use thin strips of porcelain that are custom made in terms of both shape and color. Once made they are bonded to the front of your teeth, and the bond is sealed with a special laser light.

Veneers Are A Great Way To Handle Discolored Teeth, Call Us!

They are often used instead of crowns and like crowns, may need replacement at some point. They can be made to last as long as possible by maintaining good oral hygiene.

They have been a staple part of fixing the smile of celebrities for years and the first veneers were actually developed for this purpose. Those temporary veneers, which lasted for the duration of filming, are a long way from the aesthetic and more long lasting veneers that are in use today. The materials and the procedures are constantly improving and so are people’s smiles.

If you have any questions about the procedure or you would like to make an appointment to see whether veneers are a solution for you, please call us today!