Veneers Versus Bad Habits

People’s teeth discolor over time, usually because of some dietary choice or perhaps because of smoking. Veneers are a way to reset the clock on this problem, but given that they are designed to mimic your enamel the porcelain that they are made of can suffer the same kind of damage.

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Hopefully getting veneers signals that you are concerned with your oral health and will consider adjusting the kind of things that you eat in order to maintain your new smile. Smoking and drinking coffee both have an effect on the way that your mouth works and they can promote cavities and bacteria growth by altering the PH balance inside your mouth.

After we have fitted you with veneers we provide you with all of the information that you need in order to maintain them and keep them looking as good as they day we placed them. You really will feel the benefits of having better oral hygiene – it has been found in many independent studies that oral health has a major impact on your general health. Your oral health can also be used as gauge of larger underlying problems as well, after all no system in the body operates entirely independent from the others.

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