Veneers And Coffee

Veneers are great for handling the discoloration of your teeth, and coffee really does discolor your teeth. It does more than just that though – Caffeine inhibits natural saliva production which causes dry mouth, and can lead to tooth decay.

How does this work? Saliva works to neutralize the acids in your mouth, so when there is less of it the chance of getting cavities increases.

All of this can obviously be handled. With a lot of coffee drinkers, apart from the stains it causes, the worst thing is the sugar they are consuming as well. Sugar feeds the bacteria that attacks your mouth and also promotes the acids which cause cavities.

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You want a great smile and you can have it. We have many procedures designed to handle the decay and to handle to gum disease, but veneers will definitely fix the appearance of your teeth. Using porcelain that is selected to match the natural color of your teeth, you will soon be happily smiling away.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about veneers, or if you would like to book an appointment to come in and meet with our dentists. We can help you work out the best dental solution for your smile. We are passionate about educating our patients so that they can make an informed decision with the best possible information available. We have successfully helped many patients achieve a great smile and we would love to help you as well.