The Tooth Implant Process And Dental Implants

Dental implants consist of 3 parts: the implant, the abutment, and the crown. In our office, the implant itself is most often a zirconia post which is placed directly into the jaw. The abutment is the part between the implant and the crown. The crown is the prosthetic tooth.

When the implant is placed in the jaw it undergoes a process called Osseo integration, where the implant bonds with the bone, providing a stable base for the prosthetic. Before any prosthetics are installed, an analysis is done of where stresses will occur on the teeth and how crown should be placed. We are aiming not just for an aesthetic smile, but a functional bite as well.

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Once you have your dental implants in place, which can take several months, you will definitely understand the benefits – you will look great, and you will have fully functional prosthetic teeth that looks and works just like your other teeth.

Technology continues to improve – there are better preventative and restorative technologies and available and for teeth that can’t be saved the prosthetics are of an unprecedented quality. The future promises the ability to possibly regrow teeth, but for now we are able to do more for your oral health than we have ever been able to do.

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