The History Of The Periodontist

It seems that periodontal disease has been recognized for a long time, and that there was a fledgling periodontist trying to help with it wherever it occurred. The Sumerians, The Babylonians, and The Assyrians all practiced some form of dental hygiene, and as often happens, those early practices provided a foundation for future development.

To see how far the study of periodontal disease has come in just the last 50 years barely hints at the actual depth of history. We know a lot more than was known in the past, and we have developed some very effective treatment methods for handling periodontal disease at any stage in its development.

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We have a lot to thank Pierre Fauchard for; his book on dentistry was comprehensive in its study of the subject, and its different areas. Fauchard, held to be the father of modern dentistry, made a lot of very useful observations, and came up with a lot of innovations in the field.

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