Root Canal Treatment

A root canal removes infected dental pulp and any other matter from inside your tooth and restores it to functionality. Dental pulp is a highly vascularized loose connective tissue that nourishes and hydrates the tooth structure, making it more resilient and providing a hot and cold sensory function. This all gets replaced by specially medicated materials, and often, depending on the amount of decay in the tooth, it may require a crown.

It is a very common procedure, and one that we have carried out many times, successfully saving a lot of our patient’s teeth. Eventually, thanks to stem cell technology we may be able to regrow the infected material from inside the tooth that has to be removed, but until that point the root canal has been and remains a very effective way of treating an infected tooth.

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Once the procedure has been carried out, it rarely needs to be revisited. Sometimes this does occur and if necessary this is something that we can also do for you.

We make every effort to thoroughly educate our patients so that they fully understand what is involved in an operation and how they should care for their tooth once it has been repaired. An educated patient generally means that the work done will be more successful and the restored condition of the tooth will be maintained.

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