Root Canal In Clearwater

When the tooth pulp, or living tissue in the tooth, has reached a state of decay, we may recommend that you get a root canal. When a tooth becomes abscessed it is also best handled with this procedure. If a tooth has suffered trauma it also may eventually need a root canal.

Some people prefer to have the tooth extracted, but the removal of tooth can create other long term issues with your oral health. Saving the tooth is always preferable, and is going to be beneficial to not just the tooth you have saved but the other teeth in your mouth.

Need A Root Canal? We Are The Place You Should Come To!

Like a lot of dental procedures, which are not fully understood, people can become worried about the idea of having to have a root canal performed. We take the time to fully educate our patients regarding the procedure and what they can be expected during the procedure. We also provide information that is going to make the healing process faster, as well as assist with any non-optimum situations that may arise once the root canal has been completed.

We really encourage you to find out as much as you can about any procedure you are having done, and if you are nervous about it, please communicate. We have been doing root canals for years and have had a lot of success with them and we know we can answer any questions that you might have. We want to set your mind at rest so that you feel you are ready to handle your tooth.