A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

A root canal makes it possible for the dentist to save the tooth and where possible we will do this. Saving your natural teeth is always preferable to replacing them, and this procedure continually improves. On the horizon there are future procedures using similar techniques that may even be able to regrow the pulp in the tooth and stimulate the body to repair itself. Until the point these future technologies are widely available, root canals are actually a very effective technique for repairing your teeth.

The materials that are used for root canals are constantly being refined and the lifespan of root canals can equal that of your other teeth.


You Need A Root Canal, Call Us!

The length of time to perform the root canal surgery differs depending on the severity of the decay of the tooth. Often it can be completed in one sitting. If the tooth’s structural integrity has been compromised a crown will often be used. The whole procedure provides you with a very natural looking end result that will greatly improve your oral health.

If you have any concerns about getting a root canal, have questions, or would just like to book an appointment, please contact us. We know that fully understanding what is involved in a procedure and knowing why something is done, puts the patient at ease. Clearwater Family Dental regularly provides people with root canals and they are always very happy with the results.