Root Canal

A root canal is a very common and standard procedure in dentistry. A dentist’s priority is generally going to be to preserve your natural tooth if they can and a root canal allows them to restore your tooth to being fully functional. It is still considered that standard of care for an abscessed tooth.

Root canals are obviously a fairly common practice but if an extraction is necessary your general dentist should be able to perform the procedure without referring you to an oral surgeon. However, accidental damage to surrounding teeth can occur. A root tip may be left behind. Fractured jaws are rare, but can occur. Once the extraction has occurred other teeth will move to fill in the gap – there is a whole host of possible problems resulting from an extraction.

Preserve Your Tooth, Get A Root Canal, Call Us Now!

Of course, here at Clearwater Family Dental we have solutions for all these problems. But as stated, the ideal scene is that we don’t have to replace the truth. By removing the infected part of the tooth and replacing it with a root canal, the tooth can be saved.

It is a simple procedure that is carried out all the time and it is something that our dentists have had ample success with. If you are in pain because of one of your teeth and you suspect that you might need a root canal, but are apprehensive or have questions, please call us and we will set your mind at rest. We look forward to being able to help you.