Your periodontist is your best friend, because he will you to maintain the health of your gums and also your general health. Gums are that important. People might not realize the seriousness of bleeding gums or tooth sensitivity when they first occur, but by the time they have reached an advanced stage and they are under threat of losing their teeth it will be more real to them. But even then some of them won’t be looking at the full picture – because gum disease is connected to a lot of other serious conditions.

Periodontal comes from the Greek and means around the tooth. Periodontitis is the second most common dental disease worldwide after dental decay. The thing is, your gums and your teeth, if you catch the problem early on, can be handled quite easily by the simple act of brushing and flossing twice a day. As the condition progresses and your gums and teeth deteriorate, it doesn’t mean you are without hope.

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Newer and better methods of caring for and fixing your teeth are always being developed, and we have some cutting edge methods available here in our own dental office. Using lasers we can provide almost pain free dentistry, and we can treat gum disease with a much less invasive procedure that kills the bacteria causing gum disease and heals the gums afterwards.

Periodontitis causes worldwide productivity losses of $54 billion yearly – that is affecting your employer and if you look at how much work you have missed because of toothache it has probably lightened your own paycheck as well.

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