Periodontist in Clearwater, FL

A lot of people have gum disease, or periodontitis, and would benefit from seeing a specialist in gum disease. People will often notice first that their gums are bleeding. Unfortunately some people leave neglect these early signs and they develop more serious complications with their gums. We are happy to say that we can help you whatever the condition of your gums.
It may be one of those things which people don’t consider to be that serious, but studies have shown it can definitely have a serious effect on your overall health.

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Depending on the degree to which you have gum disease, the kind of treatment you need to get is going to reflect that. We do a very thorough assessment before we make any kind of recommendation, and we are happy to explain anything that you need done to your teeth. We want you to fully understand the recommended treatment and ensure that you are comfortable with how we need to proceed to restore the condition of your gums.

For anyone that is in Clearwater and needs to see a Periodontist, Clearwater Family Dental is the perfect place to come. We have helped a lot of people with this problem. We have educated them and assisted them in getting the condition under control.