Periodontist Near Me

When you first visit your periodontist it will begin with a periodontal probe, to check out the pocket depths of your gums and the condition of your overall oral health.

After an assessment has been made, and therapy starts the periodontist will commence with cleaning below the gum using scaling and root planing techniques which remove the dental plaque and tartar.

Scaling specifically removes plaque from the crown’s and root’s surface. An ultrasonic scaling tool is used to do this. It may also be necessary to use an irrigation process which deliver an antimicrobial agent (we use ozone) below the gums to help reduce bacteria.

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This procedure may involve multiple visits, depending on the degree of periodontitis and it may also be necessary to adjust the bite to prevent excessive force on teeth with reduced bone support.

In a more serious case of gum disease, we would offer Laser Periodontal Therapy, or LANAP, and this is a less invasive procedure that serves as a very effective and affordable alternative to traditional gum surgery.

If you have gum disease you need to get it handled, not just because you could lose your teeth but because gum disease has been demonstrated to be connected to numerous physical conditions that can have a serious impact on your overall health.

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