How Your Periodontist Can help You And Your Baby

The effects that gum disease can have are far reaching, so speak to your periodontist. If you are a pregnant mother your oral health actually has an impact on the baby. Moderate to severe gum disease increases the risk for delivering a pre-term low-weight baby.

The risk of developing gum disease while you are pregnant increases to between 60 and 70%. This is caused by increased hormones. People eat more during pregnancy as well, so they may be exposed to more sugars, increasing risk of cavities.

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All of these things are something that your periodontist can advise you on, but hormonal and dietary changes may have the most significant effect. One of the key things is to keep in a good routine of cleaning your teeth and flossing.

If you are pregnant and you are experiencing any trouble with your gums or teeth, and you need advice, you should contact us immediately. We have worked with a lot of pregnant mothers throughout the years and have helped them by making sure that they have nothing to worry about in regards to their dental health. We understand it can be a stressful period, but with our help that stress will be reduced.