Oral Surgeon Near Me

You are looking for an oral surgeon – you have found the right place. For anyone that is not sure what the distinction is between a dentist and an oral surgeon we would like to explain for you.

A general dentist is going to be primarily concerned with providing exams, doing cleanings, and doing x-rays to establish what the state of your oral health and determining what the best course of action is in treating you. They are able to do root canals, fillings, diagnostic exams, and preventative maintenance.

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An oral surgeon, also called a maxillofacial surgeon, has specialized training to deal with complex dental issues, including, jaw problems or injuries, facial injury, facial infections, and sometimes sleep apnea.

We are able to carry out most procedures that you are going to need and we have had a lot success in the field of oral surgery. We have a lot of happy patients whose lives have been changed by helping them to attain the state of oral health that they both wanted and needed. Oral health has a huge impact on your general health, so handling it really can change your life. Think about the last time you had toothache, or some kind of dental issue, and how much it debilitated you … we are here to make sure that those kind of situations are handled quickly and effectively for our patients.

If you are having issues with your oral health please call today and make an appointment.