The Impact Of Sugar And The Need For Dental Implants

You may find yourself needing dental implants if you don’t change your diet. The amount of sugar that the average American consumes during a year is off the charts. Back in the early 1800s people’s yearly intake of sugar was about 4-6 pounds per person. Nowadays? You are looking at 150 to 170 pounds per person in a year. It isn’t hard to think with the health ramifications of this, and what this might be doing to someone’s teeth.

The sugars create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that produces acids that damage teeth. This affects both the gums and the teeth. The acid attacks the enamel and the dentin, causing cavities or holes to form. The bacteria that attack your gums thrive in an acid environment. It is strongly recommended altering your diet and cutting back on the amount of sugar that you eat to handle this. At Clearwater Family Dental we like to educate people about these kinds of things.

Recover That Great Smile With Dental Implants, Call Now!

The better you understand what is causing the problems you have, the easier you can handle them. Ideally you can get the education you need to save your teeth before you lose them. Dental implants are great for replacing lost teeth, but not losing them in the first place is even better.