The History Of The Root Canal

The Root Canal, like a lot of dental procedures, has a longer history than some might think. Philip Pfaff, a German dentist, carried out the first root canal in 1756. He drained the tooth and filled it with gold. This means the root canal has been around for 261 years as a successful treatment and it’s continually improving. The procedure developed throughout the 50s and 60s. In 1963 the field of endodontics was formed.

As it has grown more popular it has developed further. There are a number of different techniques that are employed by dentists today that have drastically improved on those earlier methods and, though the basic principle remains the same, a dentist from yesteryear wouldn’t necessarily recognize the procedure.

We can Save Your Tooth With A Root Canal, Call Us Now!

At Clearwater Family Dental we are expert in this procedure. We want to try and save the tooth if we can, because this benefits the rest of the teeth in the mouth. Extraction is more of a last resort when the tooth can’t be saved and it makes more sense to get rid of it. Call us today to find out more.