A Great Experience With Your Oral Surgeon

Going to the oral surgeon need not be a big ordeal. You can see pictures all over the internet of various celebrities getting dental work done – from Weird Al Yankovic to Ivanka Trump, the dental selfie is a great way for people to show a little humor while in a vulnerable position. David Archuleta from American Idol wouldn’t need to worry if he was coming to us. Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries needn’t have been nervous because she didn’t like needles or blood.

Imagine if they were at Clearwater Family Dental, with our excellent dentists and Solea® Laser Technology, that trepidation would be gone. We are always looking for ways to make the whole dental experience much easier for people. Solea® Laser Technology allows for anesthesia free dentistry that is virtually painless.

Mostly Pain Free Dentistry With Your Oral Surgeon, Call Us Now!

We know that you will love what the technology we have can do for you. You will appreciate our friendly and professional team. Whatever procedure you need, you will receive the best care available Call us today with any questions you have or if you want to make an appointment.