Dental Implants For A Great Smile

When your tooth can’t be saved, all is not lost. Dentistry has advanced throughout the years and we now have materials that are state of the art.

Using a zirconia implant, it eventually integrates with your jaw then a porcelain crown is affixed to the implant, providing you with a fully functional and aesthetic tooth. The material that makes the prosthetic is carefully selected so that it closely resembles the natural color of your other teeth.

Dental Implants Are A Great Solution When You Have Lost Teeth, Call Now!

With regular and proper maintenance dental implants can have the same lifetime as your teeth. They provide more support for the rest of your jaw, and they can be more comfortable for people than full or partial dentures.

We will save your tooth if we can, but dental implants are a great option if a tooth needs to be extracted. The procedure, though lengthy, is fairly easy.
At Clearwater Family Dental we have helped many people with dental implants, and given them the great smile and oral health they want. If you have any questions about the procedure please give us a call today.