Best Root Canal

You need a root canal – those words may not be the most welcome ones to hear when you go to your dentist, but there is no need to worry. Root canals are a fairly common procedure, one that we carry out frequently with great success.

The root canal procedure allows us to save the tooth by replacing the infected living tissue in the tooth with specially prepared dental materials. The saving of one tooth in your mouth actually goes a long way to having a positive effect for your other teeth.

A root canal will usually last a lifetime, only occasionally needing to be retreated because it becomes newly infected.

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You can tell when a tooth may be a possible candidate for a root canal – there may be an abscess on the gums, an increased sensitivity to heat or cold, severe toothache, swelling or tenderness. Of course there may also be no symptoms at all, which makes it important to keep up your regular dental appointments.

Please call us and let us know if you have any concerns or questions about this procedure, and we will be happy to help.