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You need to take care of your teeth and that means that you need to find yourself a great oral surgeon. We know that when you have come into our practice, worked with our team, and had our dentist work on your teeth, you will agree that you have found the only dentist you will want as your oral surgeon going forward.

We take a close look at your teeth and your oral health, and we will provide you with a comprehensive plan detailing what you need to do in order to attain better oral health.

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For most major oral surgeries we use, L-PRF (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin). This is obtained by drawing a small bit of blood from the patient, spinning it in a centrifuge and taking from the sample the patient’s white blood cells and platelets. When placed in a surgery site L-PRF releases your body’s natural healing proteins enhancing the healing process.

If you think or know that you need to have something done to fix your teeth or gums, call Clearwater Family Dental today and make an appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you might have and we love educating our patients so they are able to take better control of their own oral health.