Ask Your Oral Surgeon About Smoking

If you smoke you may need to visit your oral surgeon more regularly than you have been. One of the first things that people think about when they look at the connection between smoking and teeth is the discoloration, but it is responsible for so much more.

Your chances of developing oral cancer increase significantly when you smoke and because it is not the easiest thing to detect, a dental checkup can be lifesaving.
Gum health is also affected because of the bacterial load that results from smoking. This bacteria causes gum disease to progress and gum disease itself is linked to a whole host of other serious health conditions.


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When it comes to having dental work done, smoking slows down the healing process. This slowed healing is caused by reduced blood supply, dryness in the mouth caused by the nicotine, and negative pressure in the mouth which may cause clots to dislodge.

You don’t have to be a dentist to see the difference that smoking makes to people’s teeth and it makes sense, introducing a foreign substance into the ecology of your mouth is going to have an impact. If you have any questions about smoking in relation to a procedure you need to have and you would like some advice, please call us.