The Advantages of our New Solea Laser

As an Oral Surgeon you want to make sure that your patient has the best possible experience when they come to see you. You want the work that needs to be done to go as smoothly as possible, and you want the recovery time to be as short as possible. At Clearwater Family Dental we are always looking for ways to reduce pain and carry out our procedures in the most natural way.

Solea® Laser Technology allows for anesthesia free dentistry. Thanks to this laser technology a lot of the work we do is now virtually painless.

Virtually Pain-free Anesthesia-Free Dentistry, Call Now!

Solea® Laser Technology also means procedures can be carried out with minimal bleeding as well. All of these things contribute to a better experience for the patient. They also contribute to faster healing times, and a better overall experience at the dentist. Pain is one of those things that makes people not want to come to the dentist, and we want people to come. If people feel comfortable about their procedures and have regular checkups their oral health is going to be much better. Call us if you want to find out more about Solea® Laser Technology.